The Use of a Multi-lane Sauce Packaging Machine

In the modern period, takeout dinners have progressively increased in frequency and sauce packing has grown in popularity. In response to customer demand, the small sauce packages are portable and hygienic, which not only makes people’s meals more convenient but also upholds the standards for high-quality food. Due to the high demand for the daily production of small sauce packages, manufacturers frequently require many sauce packing machines, And purchasing many packaging machines requires a large surface area, an increase in the number of workers required to operate the machine, and an increase in production costs.

Therefore, given this situation All-Bloom an intelligent equipment manufacturer (AMPGT) has developed a Multi-lane sauce packaging machine that is suitable for the automatic packaging of soy sauce, peanut butter, ketchup, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, and other sauce products.

Advantages of Packaging Machine

The multi-lane sauce packaging machine is highly efficient. It can produce 2-20 lanes at the same time. You can select lanes according to your preference. Multi-lane sauce packaging machines can perform multi-tasks. It can weigh, fill and make packs at the same time. This machine can produce many sauce packs in less time so it has a low production rate. It can produce a maximum of 50 cycles per minute. A multi-lane sauce packaging machine is equal to multiple small-single machines. It is an automated machine so only one person is required to operate the machine.

Thermal Stirring and Liquid Sensing function

Multi-lane sauce packaging machine has a hopper function. The Hopper of this machine has an automated liquid-level sensing function. The hopper alerts the filling pump to automatically fill the material when there is not enough material in the pack.

The hopper also has the function of heat preservation and stirring which allows the sauce to fill even more evenly.

Filling methods are optional

According to the product characteristics, different metering devices can be configured such as a Piston pump, ceramic pump, rotary pump, etc. Each pump can independently adjust the filling capacity according to the needs, which is flexible and ensures even filling.

Easy to operate

Packaging parameters can be easily set and adjusted on the touchscreen control panel. It has the functions of fault self-alarm, self-destruction, and self-diagnosis. The machine can sense the crisis and alarm operators. It is also capable of shutting down when a crisis arises.

The box body and the material contact parts are made of stainless steel 304, which fulfills the requirements of food production. The packaging machine can be automatically connected to the front-end storage bin. The whole process from the completion of production to the packaging is fully hygienic and safe.

Beautiful and flat bag with high precision

The sealing adopts multi-knife heat sealing. Heat sealing independently controls the temperature, which makes the packaging firm and beautiful and ensures that the material will not leak during transportation.
The heat sealing is independent of temperature control and is more uniform. The servo motor controls the pack-making. Its packaging is exquisite and the precision is high.

Why choose us?

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