A Hydraulic Type Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a machine used to make high-quality emulsions in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It is designed to efficiently and reliably mix, emulsify, homogenize, and disperse different ingredients. In this article, we will discuss the components of a Hydraulic type vacuum Emuslfying mixer.

Components of Hydraulic Type Cosmetic Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Mixing Tank 

The mixing tank is the primary component of the vacuum-emulsifying mixer. The ingredients for the mixture are kept in a stainless steel cylindrical container. The size of the mixing tank is determined by the size of the produced batch.

High-Speed Disperser

Inside the mixing tank, the high-speed disperser is a spinning blade. It is responsible for dissolving solid substances into smaller particles and is motor-powered. The ingredients are also mixed and emulsified using it.

Low-Speed Mixer

The low-speed mixer is an agitator that moves slowly and aids in properly blending the ingredients. Another purpose for it is to assemble a homogenous mixture. Typically, the low-speed mixer is a scrape-surface agitator that aids in preventing ingredient adhesion to the mixing vessel’s edges.

Vacuum System 

A critical component of the vacuum emulsifying mixer is the vacuum system. It is used to eliminate air bubbles from the mixture, which could lead to imperfections in the finished product. In order to avoid ingredient oxidation and extend the shelf life of the finished product, the vacuum system is also used to create a vacuum inside the mixing vessel.

Heating/Cooling System

The temperature of the components being mixed is controlled by the heating/cooling system. High-quality emulsions can only be made with the help of this technology, which also keeps the ingredients from scorching while they are mixed. The ingredients can be heated to a particular temperature or cooled to a particular temperature using the heating/cooling system.

Control Panel

The control panel manages the vacuum emulsifying mixer’s operation.  It has controls for the speed of the high-speed disperser, the speed of the low-speed mixer, the temperature of the heating/cooling system, and the operation of the vacuum system. It also has buttons, switches, and displays.

Hydraulic Lift System

The mixing tank is lifted and lowered into and out of the machine using the hydraulic lift system. This method is used to simplify it to remove the finished product from the mixing tank and is operated by buttons on the control panel.

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