In the previous article, we learned how to replace the ribbon on the ribbon printer. For specific operations, please refer to the article “How to replace the ribbon of the ribbon printer?”.The machines of All-bloom Intelligent Equipment can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers, to pack products with different bag lengths or different doses. If you need to adjust the packaging weight of the product, in this article, you will learn how to adjust the liquid product weight of the single-lane packaging machine.

This type of single-lane packing machine is different from multi-lane packing machines. Many of our customers will choose piston pumps for metering. Therefore, in this article, we will also explain the dosage adjustment methods of piston pumps. It is very simple to adjust the weight of this pump. Just adjust the weight adjustment nut at the back. First, loosen the fixing nut. If you want to increase the weight and load more products, then turn the weight adjustment nut outward, and the opposite direction is to reduce the weight. After you have adjusted the weight, just tighten the weight adjustment nut and the fixing nut against each other. If you need to confirm whether the weight is correct, you can run the machine check.

All-bIoom Intelligent Equipment can provide on-site installation, commissioning, and training services. If you have any questions about the operation of the machine, you can also ask our after-sales personnel offline.